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Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 19 – Shadow Play

Last weeks episode of Shadow Play was just what we needed to kick things into High Gear! Well, maybe slow gear. It was kind of slow but it was worth the snails pace in order to get all of the details in. Plus the black and white dream state was really what made the show. […]

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Pretty Little Liars – Sneak Peek! Free Fall!

Well here we are, one step closer to the big reveal! Spencer sure did a lot of work in the last episode, Shadow Play, but Aria is still in the Dark. In “Free Fall”, we see that Spencer feels that it is time she knows the truth about Ezra and his involvement in all of […]

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Pretty Little Liars SNEAK PEEK!! Shadow Play, Spencer Gets Some Answers!

Pretty little liars has a great treat for us next Tuesday! The show will be presented in black and white and will take place in a 1940′s style setting with Spencer as our favorite “Gum Shoe”. With the mystery novels that Spencer has been reading, she finds herself in a dream in the midst of […]